Marinette sings fanfiction

Alya was currently shoving her phone in my face, showing me yet another video of Chat and I saving the day. There wasn't a moment during Moo-Lou's attack that I doubted whether they would win or not! All I could do was tiredly nod my head from my desk. Fatigue had taken over my body a long time ago. Moo-Lou turned out to be a tougher akuma then anybody could've thought.

My poor legs hurt sooooo bad Alya rolled her eyes while giggling. Well, I guess she has every right to. I couldn't pay attention when she was trying to tell me about her Ladyblog but the second Adrien's name is mentioned, I'm all ears. Remember, he has a shoot this morning.

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And class is starting soon and you do not want to get caught sleeping. Bustier would probably send me to M. Damocles' office again. And that would not be good.

I was finishing the directions for your next assignment and lost track of time! Bustier ran in with a stack of papers in hand. New assignment? Alya and I exchanged looks at the news. Last time Mme.

marinette sings fanfiction

Bustier gave us an assignment that she herself made up, Nathaneal ended up breaking his pinkie finger. Trust me, you don't want to know how. I want you all to write a song. Oh no. This couldn't be happening. If I have to sing then everyone one would know thatCute reveal fic Marinette Dupain-Cheng wasn't very much of a singer especially in front of other people but she did however loved singing just to herself.

When ever she had the chance of being on her own she would also being singing her heart out to any song that fitted with her mood at the current time, and when Marinette was around others she would usually just hum to herself and never really got her voice out in the open for others to hear.

Adrien Agreste was also the same when it came to the musical side of himself, yes he would act and sing out in front of people but never really showing anyone the other side to his singing, he would hum to himself when ever there was a crowd of people or just with his buds, and when he was certain he was alone he would sing his heart out like it was a theatrical piece to what ever song really fitted the moment.

They were in physics class working on they own individual projects they have been given, the bluenette teen was really focused into her work that she didn't really take note of sitting next to her biggest crush. As she gotten more focused into her work she never realized that she had started humming to herself very quietly not really paying any attention to Adrien, whom had noticed that he could hear her humming.

Adrien recognized the tune but couldn't quiet think of what the name of the song was called. The young teens humming was very soothing and comforting like as if she were singing a lullaby, the blonde didn't mean to stare for so long but he couldn't help but to also realize how enchanting the way Marinette's face light up as she hummed away, as Adrien was staring more at the designer he couldn't help but to think.

Marinette could see in the corner of her eye that Adrien was staring at her; she looked at him with a slight smile she could also feel her face warming up indicating that she was probably blushing by now, the blonde gave a quick little smile and quickly looked down at his notes with the feeling of heat also upon his own face.

I Can't Stop Singing [TeenBeachMovie×MLadybug]

Mari couldn't help herself and gave out a slight chuckle as she also looked down to continue on with her own work. Soon enough the bell rang to indicate that it was lunch break, Marinette, Alya, Nino and Adrien all agreed before class started that they would go to the park for lunch, so they made their way over there and found a place in the sun, it was amazing beautiful weather to be outside especially when the sun rays left a warm feeling against their skin. Marinette decided to bring her sketchbook to hopefully get some inspiration and also create some brainstorm designs for a little summer collection.

Adrien brought along his Chinese homework along with him, mainly translation stuff but he likes to keep his head above water when it came to extra curriculum activities. When they finished up with their lunch Alya and Nino decided to go for a walk, Marinette looked up at them gave them a wave with a smile upon her face which Adrien thought was the most adorable smile ever, the bluenette told them to have fun and looked down at her pages and pages of different designs and huffed in frustration.

Marinette looked up and noticed Adrien was looking over her designs and nodding his head like he was approving them or something, "O-Oh umm… J-Just these designs I'm working on I can't seem to get the right texture look to them and nothing seems to be going right on the paper, in my head it's perfect but then getting it on paper is a different story…".

It was like as if Marinette was forgetting she was talking to the guy of her dreams for a minute before Adrien sits beside her which sent shivers down her spine and her body was now all tensed up with the feeling of heat upon her face.

The young designer hesitantly agrees as she handed him the sketchbook and pointed out all the flaws within her designs, the blonde gazes at all of her designs and with a tilt of his head he opened his mouth. The model could feel his face going red for a brief moment, "O-Oh I was just saying how talented you are" He wasn't lying but he surely couldn't tell her the other part… could he?

Soon enough the duo were sharing a gaze into each others eyes, it seemed to be that their eyes were trying to communicate with each other but it was quickly broken as they awkwardly looked away with both of the teens faces flushed, Adrien moved away from Marinette to not make things any more awkward as he gets back to his translations as he went to grab his headphones to listen to his music he could hear Marinette's soothing humming again, Adrien smiled a little as he placed his headphones in his ears and pretended to listen to his own music, soon enough he could hear the bluenette singing again, obviously thinking that Adrien was already listening to his own music.

Adrien could hear her mutter at what he had assumed was the first part of the song that has been stuck in her head throughout the day, then he could hear Marinette's voice clearly; " Cuz up til now, I've walked the lines, nothing lost, but something missing".

The model pulled a confused face, he wondered what Marinette had meant by that lyric, like yeah it was part of the song but her small group of friends know that if she is passionate about the song or a lyric she will sing it with pure emotions… ' Wait' he recognized that song… " What does she mean by that…?

Nice designs there Mari, they're super cute" Alya said nearly giving Marinette a heart attack, "O-Oh thanks Alya, A-Adrien helped me out with the designs" the bluenette stuttered.Me: The new year, new resolutions, lots of exciting things to come! MOB: No, you did magi. Don't worry.

Plus, if it didn't, at least it's a good refresher for those who've read it already like me. Me: You think so. You're my beta after all! The new chapters 3 and 4 will be up the next day, and Chapters 5, 6, and 7 after that unless I get busy all of a sudden. Winter in Paris - it's very cold and there are chances of either snow or rain. This, however, does not stop the city's residents as they prepare for one of the greatest holidays ever - Christmas.

Setting aside all the school work and tests is the winter break that begins the week of Christmas, and the day right before break starts always ends with the annual school dance, one of the greatest events where every student can help its grand festivities.

Our story begins in a certain class that holds Paris' greatest heroes, Ladybug and Chat Noir. The two heroes were so close to each other, yet they don't know each other's identities, who were respectively Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste.

Nevertheless, the two were partners and always had each other's backs. Both were, of course, excited for the events to come as both civilians and heroes, with Adrien as Chat Noir hoping to spend more time with Ladybug and Marinette hoping the same with Adrien.

Unfortunately for them at the moment, their class right now was… seething in anger? This is once in lifetime opportunity my father got for us, especially for me and Adrien, and that idiot says he has to cancel of a sudden! Everything will be fine, we'll find someone else to sing for the dance. Although he particularly doesn't want to dance with Chloe, the class' spoiled girl though of course no one would say this out loudthis was a critical situation for the whole class.

Some of the students and teachers asked Marinette Dupain-Cheng if she and her class can help with the music entertainment for the dance. One of the students in the prom committee in charge of entertainment suddenly dropped out to transfer schools, and they were especially hoping if someone within her class could get a performer for the dance to make it special. As class president, she bought this up to the class during their free time and everyone was excited. They decided to put together a list of songs to play, with Nino remixing a few of them, and Chloe was able to get them Jagged Stone weeks ago.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me.

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Marinette lost something important inside her that made her Ladybug. She had changed for the better. She was Ladybug after all, she had to come up with new ways to win the fight, even if that meant changing herself.

It didn't take long before Lila had settled in the class, breaking up what once was a family. Not being able to be pushed over any longer, Marinette became stronger, a little bit colder and more closed off.

It didn't help that Hawkmoth and his Akuma were getting stronger each fight. But will creating a distance between the ones she loves interfere with her life?

She didn't realize that her life as Marinette had changed her as Ladybug. A class trip to Gotham will make Marinette realize that she had changed, and with a little help from Batman and his friends, she may realize what she lost and find it again. Marinette struggles to stay happy nowadays but what better way to change your mood than with a change of location?

Adrien gave up his miraculous so he could start fresh. After all, his dad was in prison for being the super villain Hawkmoth and his other caretaker Nathalie died from over use of a broken Miraculous.

So now Marinette is the guardian of the miraculous. Will her bullies lies get exposed? Will she find love in the most dangerous city in the world? Will she find out the identities of Gothams heros? Yes, probably, but its all about the ride and not the destination. This is mosty a salt and Fluff fic.

Binding one's wings is dangerous. When the pain from his private life almost gets him killed in his superhero one, Adrien is forced to make some difficult choices. To make matters worse, the media and his partner keep asking questions that hit a little too close to home. Marinette is always prepared to save Paris.

Thankfully her partner makes the burden a little easier.

When Ladybug is too focused on purifying an akuma to notice her partner struggling, she is almost too late to save him from certain death. Trying to atone for her mistake, Ladybug begins to notice strange things about a partner she thought she new. All the while, trying not to blow her identity by befriending him as Marinette. Marinette Al Ghul-Wayne is bored. So to distract herself, she decides to create a blog! She just didn't expect people to be so interested in this blog And maybe she should have also asked her father Bruce's permission before publishing her life on the internet?

Now the whole universe is dreaming of only one thing: finding out who's behind the "Netty Wayne" mask! Five years. Five years of quiet. Five years of peace. Five years without any sign of Hawk Moth, Mayura Or even Cat Noir.Author's Note: I don't own Miraculous or the characters obviously.

This is my first fanfiction and I went through and edited all the chapters so for those of you just joining, Welcome and for the oldies returning I hope you the new updated version. There might be some random things in the author's notes like "this chapter was this long now it's" and so on. Like this chapter was originally 1, words and now it's 1, words. Anyway enjoy the story. The bell rang signaling that it was time to leave.

Everyones packing up was interrupted by the teacher. This year's show is extra special because the winner will have a chance to have a part in creating Jagged Stone's new album, whether it be singing or playing music on his album, or doing something with the music video. Good luck to everyone.

marinette sings fanfiction

Of course now there was incentive to sign up. You would probably win with those awesome DJ skills of yours. It would be cool to see you beat everyone, especially Chloe.

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She seems way too confident that she's going to win. She had always wanted to enter the talent show but she was so afraid of singing in front of people that she didn't even sing in front of Alya.

Alya didn't even know that Marinette could sing. Suddenly Adrien came into the room and she was brought out of dreamland. I thought we were going to go to the library to study for that big physics test tomorrow.

Alya was about to do the same when she noticed that Marinette wasn't moving. Alya was pulling Marinette very quickly towards the guys. She suddenly stopped abruptly, Marinette lost her balance and tripped over her own feet.

She closed her eyes, waiting to feel the floor hit her but she was surprised that the feeling never came. Instead she felt the hard chest muscles of someone. She opened her eyes, saw Adrien's shirt and immediately stood up. Alya and Nino were watching this little exchange between their two best friends. Alya was suddenly happy that she accidentally caused Marinette to trip.

Marinette, who was dying on the inside, looked like she was going to kill her best friend. The four friends started walking towards the library. Alya walked in between Adrien and Nino so that Marinette had to walk next to Adrien.

The whole walk was silent because Marinette was lost in thought and too nervous to speak. She couldn't stop thinking about the talent show.

She really wanted to enter, but that damn stage fright got in her way. She didn't want all those years of singing lessons to go to waste, but how was she supposed to perform in front of her classmates and Adrien. What if she messed up and made a fool of herself in front of him? Marinette decided right there that she wasn't going to sign up. When they got to the library, they found a table in the back corner so they wouldn't be disturbed by anyone.

Marinette was about to sit next to Alya when Nino interrupted her.So I found this show because of fan art and curiosity. I have officially died because of my curiosity and been brought back by satisfaction so welcome to Cats closet! This show is so adorable and holds a ton of potential so I will try to write accordingly. Sometimes characters may be OOC but to be honest I've only seen the first 10 episodes and most of those haven't even been in English so…yeah.

I will write or try to write at least one story a week.

marinette sings fanfiction

Some will be simple one shots others will be multi chaptered and will be labeled accordingly. If it's a multi chaptered one you can expect updates roughly every three days unless I get impatient and already have it finished or it might be longer if my life gets hectic.

In any case I hope you enjoy. Chapter ? Marinette is having a bad day and alone at school starts singing. Adrien is surprised to find her and unable to resist starts singing with her. Marinette was having a bad day. It wasn't an unlucky day by any means it was simply a day she desperately wished she had stayed in bed for. For one thing she was exhausted from a long night of chasing an akuma and for another she hadn't completed her homework. Her mom had fussed at her as she was leaving because she looked so exhausted and only Tiki s presence had persuaded her to even get out the door a second time that day after lunch.

Marinette sighed allowing her head to lay on the desk happy for the first time that day that school was almost over. Alya glanced at her a bit worried for her friend. Adrien will be here tomorrow, Nino told me. Marinette almost choked, as she realized Alya though she was so down because Adrien wasn't there. Marinette knew she was just trying to help, she was always just trying to help.

In fact earlier at lunch Alya had saved her from getting a bad score by letting her copy the part of the homework she hadn't done. It was no secret between them that Marinette really liked Adrien and while she had been bummed that he wasn't in school it wasn't the sole reason for her sour mood. Despite her normally cheery attitude and penchant for clumsiness around certain people she was only human. Wasn't she just allowed to have a bad day?

Frustration mingled with her exhaustion and a strangled noise slipped from her throat causing the teacher to turn around.Summary: Marinette is heartbroken after Adrien, Alya, and Nino all ditch and lie to her.

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She gets a call from one of her old friends and she convinces Marinette to audition for her art school. What will Marinette do when she gets a voicemail from Alya? I own absolutely nothing except the plot, the OC and the song that Marinette sings. Anyway, don't forget to review. Marinette walked into school, utterly confused. Alya usually picked her up and they would walk to school together, but today Alya didn't show up.

Marinette texted Alya and she said that she was sick and wouldn't be at school today. Marinette understood and started her walk to school, alone. As she got closer to school, she could see Adrien, Alya, Nino and Lila standing by the door and laughing. Nino had his arm around Alya's waist and Adrien had his arm around Lila's waist. Marinette felt her heart shatter into a million pieces.

marinette sings fanfiction

Alya and Adrien both made eye contact with her and Marinette ran away with tears in her eyes. She ignored their calls and refused to look back. She ran to the park and sat in a secluded area where she could cry in peace. Tikki flew out of her purse and sat on Marinette's shoulder.

There's got to be a reason. Carly was an old friend of Marinette's. They were best friends until Carly's father got transferred and she had to move away. They still kept in touch but it wasn't the same. You should totally audition. You can sing, dance, act, sketch, and produce better then anyone I've ever seen. You'll get in for sure.

Marinette didn't even have to think. She wanted to leave and this was the perfect way to do it. I thought I was going to have to do a lot more convincing and begging. They are going on tomorrow and Friday. I am actually on my way right now because I'm captain of the dance team and I will be judging the dancers. When I'm done judging, why don't we hang out like we use to. Marinette slid her phone back into her pocket and dried her remaining tears. Besides Adrien, Alya, and Nino obviously don't need me, so why not?

I can't face them right now. Her parents were out of town and she knew they closed the bakery while they're gone. She ran into her room and grabbed her song book. This isn't the first audition Marinette has been to and she knew what she was doing.

She found the perfect song to sing at her audition. While she was working on her song, her phone rang. Marinette looked at the caller ID and felt a lump form in her throat.

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